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Vice Chencellor of the Chittagong University

and Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Chittagong University Museum is a part of The University of Chittagong. The institution grows with the passage of time; from the humble beginning in a single room back in 1973 the museum is now stand on as an exceptional institution in Bangladesh and spreading its light around the globe.

The Chittagong University budget, which is by far, the only source of funding to this museum faces a constant pressure from different teaching and academic establishments of the University. Nevertheless, authority always tries to run this institute with great enthusiasm. We work at the interfaces between public engagements, university teaching and research, and the care and use of museum collections. The museum provides you with glimpses in to the rich and varied cultural heritage of Bengal and its cultural plurality ranging from east to west region to you to visit and experience a unique journey through an ancient time and medieval Bengal while enjoying its diverse and historic treasure-trove.

It is my hope to bring the museum directly to you through the pages of this publication. We are, therefore, very grateful to the publication team for presenting such a comprehensive work on the museum. We would like to express our deep debt of gratitude to late Dr. A R Mallik, the first vice-chancellor of Chittagong University and late Dr. Abdul Karim, former vice- chancellor of Chittagong University for their devotion on the respect of museum establishing.



Professor Dr. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury

Vice Chencellor, University of Chittagong
and Chairmen, Board of Trustees, Chittagong University Museum.
Dr. A R Mallik Bhaban. University of Chittagong.




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