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The university campus is 22 kms north off the Chittagong city. Western side to the Hathazari road, over 1754-acre (7.10 square km) area occupies the university campus surrounded by hills, and covered by forest, which very much fascinating to visitors from home and abroad. The campus looks like a natural museum (open-air museum). Once you arrive in the greenery surroundings and hilly-valley, you’d surely enjoy flocks of jubilant students roaming around the building that stands so cool. The simple museum building that also houses the university’s central library illustrates the ever-known scenario of the hilly campus amidst all the vibrant chaos. The three-storey museum building covered with greenery trees is the central point of the campus and also heads straight towards the Arts Faculty. The building stands at the foot of a hill facing to the South while its western part occupies 20,000 sq ft by the museum. A large portion of the eastern part is for central library (floor of which is 56,700 sq ft). The museum has individual entrance in the west, whereas the one has to enter the library through a south-faced gate. The first floor of the museum houses five galleries for permanent exhibition and they are ---

1) Pre-History and Archeological Gallery
2) Sculpture Gallery
3) Islamic Art Gallery
4) Folk Art Gallery
5) Contemporary Art Gallery

Gallery Diagram

The ground floor is physically built for:
  • Abdul Karim Sahityavisharad Kosh Granthagar (Abdul Karim Reference Library)
  • Conservation Laboratory
  • Lobby-cum-space for special exhibitions and seminar/workshop
  • Documentation and research service centre
  • Stores and offices of the museum.
    It’s also facilitates:
  • An open-air stage with spectator-gallery
  • Thematic gardens
  • Museum yard and spacious parking lot

Thematic Gardens and open-air stage with spectator-gallery

Model Girl 1

The surroundings of the museum building are thoughtfully laid with trees and flowerbeds. The open-air stage is instituted with a spectator-gallery where cultural programmes are held regularly frequently. The thematic gardens styled “Ekushey Chattar” consists of 21 trees of different varieties including Bleeding Heart, Birds of Paradise, Naglingam (Cannon balt), Agar (Aquillaria agallocha), Mahua (Butter tree), Raktan (Liphopetalum fimbriatum), Gutgutia (Bursera serrate), Arjun (White murdah). Bakul (Indian meddler), Debdaru (Mast tree), Kadam (Kadamba), Jarul (Queen Flower) and Sonalu (Cassia fistula). The nameplates are arranged chronologically under the memorial trees as many scholars and eminent personalities have planted them. More than 200 indigenous and exotic tree species have been planted on the museum premises. The university campus also holds diverse species of flora and fauna. Nearly a thousand teachers, two thousand staff and 22, 000 students enter the campus for respective studies and jobs every day that turn it (campus) into a meeting place for them.



  • Chittagong University Museum Chittagong University Campus, University of Chittagong, Hathazari, Chittagong - 4331, Bangladesh.
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